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The Future Of Courier Transportation

We love to talk about where we’ll be in the next few years, but the truth is that nobody really knows what’s going to happen! All we can do is offer our best guess and see where it goes. We live in a world full of ever-changing technology and so this makes it hard to predict anything for sure! But figuring out what could happen over the next few years or even decades it’s something that a business owner or a responsible manager would do. This way you’re able to adapt to the future before it’s even here and stays ahead of the curve and your competitors.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles seem to be one of the most promising and exciting parts of transportation in the future. Being able to stay up-to-date with the latest Automotive technology means that we can continue to develop efficient and effective businesses Across the UK and the world. Without keeping up-to-date with this kind of technology before behind and before we know it everyone would surpass you.

Of course, you can’t talk about electric vehicles without mentioning Tesla. Elon Musk is probably one of the sharpest minds to have ever walked the Earth, and while this is a big statement, he does back it up. Tesla’s vision is to develop and release a new kind of lorry, they will have Tesla’s latest automotive technology so that we can cut costs and provide driver Package safety. This benefits everybody because the companies transporting goods will have fewer returns due to damages and we are likely to see faster response times so that consumers get their packages quicker than ever.

However, there are a few concerns about all sorts of electric vehicles, one of which is the way that we power them and whether or not they’ll reach their destination before they run out of charge.

“Electric motors can deliver peak torque almost instantly, meaning they can excel at towing large loads from a dead start-up or gradient. Faster acceleration will also help to shave off the time of a delivery truck’s route, helping them deliver more products with less waiting time.

While electrifying heavy vehicles can be beneficial, their deployment is met with challenges. Charging infrastructure is a main concern, and would require a redesign of depots and service stations. The urban drive cycles with considerable traffic and speed measures used heavily by courier vehicles require a large amount of braking and acceleration. During braking, a vehicle’s motor creates excess energy. A braking resistor allows this otherwise wasted energy to be recovered to warm the vehicle’s cabin.

To support the future of electric courier vehicles, it is vital that the technology is in place to improve vehicle efficiency and get goods moving on a greener path.” Simone Bruckner, Cressall


As mentioned before, we are living in a world that constantly changes whether that’s through technology, morals or just the people in it. One of the most interesting developments in recent years is the incorporation of biometrics into industries like security, smartphones and even couriers. Biometrics help to keep everything safe from your passwords to your parcels. In the case of couriers, companies are able to protect your investment in their products so that you get exactly what you paid for.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, large courier companies have been implementing biometrically verified contactless delivery with Nuggets.

A digital ID is a necessary cornerstone in revolutionizing the delivery process, especially in removing the address restriction. The cost of failed deliveries in the UK is reported to have surpassed £1.6bn (US$2bn) for failed parcel deliveries in the UK alone. There is clearly a growing need to do away with costly redelivery.

As the delivery network was forced to adapt very quickly to social distancing guidelines put in place by the government, the easiest solution was to no longer request signatures on delivery. These days, when a package arrives, it’s accompanied by a barely audible knock and a prompt disappearing act. No confirmation is provided, and proof of delivery is often left to the good faith of the delivery driver. This has led to surging chargebacks and an escalation in friendly fraud. All this at a time when retailers can least afford it.

Instead, a biometrically-verified contactless delivery solution enables a driver to ping the customer’s digital ID, the customer verifies it’s them and accepts the delivery with their biometrics – a process that is protected against fraud and provides contactless proof of delivery.” Alastair Johnson, CEO, Nuggets

Not only are you able to protect yourself during this time of panic, but it’s also protecting the products that you buy and the couriers that deliver them. Making sure that your package arrives through the use of the newest technologies and the government’s advice can help to prevent panic and illnesses. Most of us have been asked to only trip out for essential items however many members of the public have started to order the shopping to their front door from the local supermarkets. This has meant that people are safer as a whole and we’re able to protect those that need the help. But to make sure that your parcel or weekly shop arrives at the right place using such technologies as a biometric system means that you’ll definitely get what you pay for.


Everybody here at Nationwide Courier Services Ltd is excited at the fact that the next big revolutionary move in the same day courier world could be the use of drones to deliver parcels and packages. This could be an amazing turn in the industry and after it becomes a mainstream form of transport we can only dream of how drone technology will develop. The likes of Amazon have already invested in a drone scheme; Amazon Prime Air. This scheme launched in 2016, it was said that operations are expected to begin in select cities starting in late 2019 however as of June 2020 this has not yet become a functioning service.

In light of Amazon’s efforts and their struggles, this will lead us to believe that drone usage within the courier world is a little ways off. However, we stay hopeful this technology kicks off and becomes the new norm.

“Despite the negativity surrounding drones, which have shut down air spaces in the past, there are many positive use cases for drones. In a few years, it’s likely we’ll see drones commonly delivering packages. One of the more likely retailers to use them will be local pharmacies, so people can place their repeat prescriptions online with local health clinics and have the prescription automatically forwarded to the pharmacy, which can then use drones to deliver medicine to local homes. Grocery delivery is just the beginning. Some high profile online firms have already sought to usher in guidelines for autonomous drone deliveries. The price of fuel and the other large costs associated with maintaining delivery fleets will push a lot more of this business to the skies. Customers win because their goods will be delivered in almost real-time. We are starting to see many local shops and post offices becoming drop-off and collection centres for goods bought online, which was unthinkable just a few years ago. Similarly, drones have rapidly developed in a short space of time and we can expect to see dramatic change in modern society as a result.” Kevin Curran, IEEE

Staying Flexible

The courier environment is going to be changing all of the time, it’s only natural to expect that. This happened throughout time and meant which has meant that we can learn from it.

“The courier market of the future will go through some large changes. You only have to look at the decline of the British high streets to see the SME and large chains are changing the way they work. All but the largest will keep a shop front and they will become much more of a showroom for products.

Unsurprisingly, online retail has had a hugely positive impact on the courier industry. When email threatened its very existence, online retail kicked into gear and drove significant huge volume and revenue. The consumer likes the flexibility to have goods delivered to their home or office with time slots and this is growing at a massive rate year on year. These time slots will become smaller in the future with time slots of 10 minutes being offered to the consumer for greater flexibility.

The courier companies are beginning to run and use all-electric delivery vehicles in central towns. As the technology improves and range/miles increase this will become the new normal.” – Jason Gowan, InXpress


One thing that we do know for certain is that nothing is set in stone, there could be a breakthrough in any form of transportation and so we could be pushed down new methods of transport that we never knew were possible.

Something that we can be sure of is that the excitement that this cause is creating a brilliant environment to work within and so we’re able to develop and plan around our predictions, whatever they are. But it’s important to know that regardless of what anyone tells you, there is always room for something to change and nobody is really able to know for sure what will happen.

However, being able to adapt and mitigate any sort of issues that you might have is an important skill to have. This means that you can be prepared form any sort of economical or technological change that you might end up seeing.

How much is same day delivery?

Getting a same-day delivery is easy with Nationwide Courier Services because that’s what we do. You’ll be able to track your package from start to finish and relax as we take care of everything.

The cost of same-day courier services is going to change depending on your delivery requirements. These are all things that we need to take into consideration so that we can secure your delivery. Then we’ll schedule one of our specialist couriers to accommodate your parcel and make sure that it gets to your destination on time every time.

What can change the cost of same-day delivery?

As we mentioned above, the cost of same day deliveries can change depending on your requirements. So here are a few things that might affect the price;

  • Size of your delivery
  • Distance from collection to destination
  • Specialist requirements

Knowing exactly what you need means that we can help you in any way that we can. Being able to do that means that we can do our job properly.

How to find out the cost of same-day delivery?

All you need to do is get a quote from our scheduling and quotation tool! It’s that easy, we’ll do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is enter your collection and delivery postcode and start your quotation. Or you can give us a call on 0115 9865276 and we’ll help you through the whole process.

Once you’ve scheduled and submitted all of the right details, we’ll send someone to collect your delivery and start its journey as soon as possible. Our aim is to get someone out to you within the hour so that you can take advantage of our same day delivery service.

Do I need same-day delivery?

If you need your delivery to arrive at any given location as soon as possible, or you need something in a gallery within the day, same day deliveries are perfect.

The convenience to same-day courier services is that we do all of the hard work for you. We’ll collect your delivery and take it anywhere in the UK for you

We’ll make sure that we take special care of each and every one of your deliveries with us. We’ll offer you proof of arrival, help you unload and email you when the job is done. That means if you need someone to look after your delivery rather than throw it over a fence, we’ve got you covered.

Case Study: Vision Express


Vision Express is the UK’s leading and most trusted optician. With more than 390 stores nationwide, it is part of Europe’s largest optical retail group GrandVision.

The past few years have been exciting for the brand as they have acquired 50 new stores around the country. We have successfully supported the growth of the business in the UK by ensuring that stock and merchandise is taken to a new store quickly and at a specified time.

While the company has expanded they have continued to deliver unparalleled customer service class service putting eye health as a first priority. This often means delivering a new prescription, glasses or contact lenses to a customer on a same-day basis to maintain this standard.

Nationwide solution

We operate 24 hours a day so we are able to fulfil any urgent last minute requests and handle enquiries 24/7 to guarantee Vision Express will meet their high standards of customer service.

Our personalised service means that we are able to support Vision Express whenever they open a new shop in a busy shopping centre or high street with our same-day dedicated time deliveries.


We have built a great working relationship with Vision Express over the last few years and we are now their main courier service.

We have assisted opening new shops across the UK by removing old stock and delivering new stock and merchandise. Our drivers and friendly and helpful and no job is too big or too small.

Vision Express said: “We have tried many couriers and none offered the personal touch that we wanted. Since Vision Express UK Ltd, have used Nationwide, all our items have been delivered safely and on time and we have had positive feedback from our stores.

“Another massive help is that our stores sometimes have large items that need collecting and delivering to other stores, some of these items are very heavy but the Nationwide drivers always offer to help.

We will always use Nationwide when opening new Vision Express stores now because they take large deliveries and deliver to our new locations at a set time, which to date hasn’t failed.”

Case Study: Vauxhall


Vauxhall Motors is the oldest automotive brand in Britain who are frequently awarded national titles for their innovative engineering and technology.

Vauxhall Motors has been one of the biggest selling car brands in the UK for the last 20 years and they have a major manufacturing facility in Luton where a portfolio of vehicles including both commercial vehicles and passenger cars are made.

When Vauxhall was launching a new Corsa in 2014, they were working to a tight deadline to get marketing material to 32 locations around the country, which is where we helped them.

Nationwide Solution

We operate 24 hours a day so we are able to fulfil any urgent requests and can handle enquiries 24/7 to guarantee Vauxhall are able to meet deadlines and continue a high standard of customer experience.

Our personalised service means that we were able to support Vauxhall Motors every step of the way from the first call to regular updates on delivery locations.

Our same-day delivery service meant that Vauxhall Motors had a dedicated team of friendly drivers who had the sole task of getting their product from A to B with no distractions from other deliveries.


Vauxhall Motors called on Friday afternoon panicking that a new advertisement would not be in cinemas by Monday. We collected the materials at 13.30 on Saturday and delivered it to 32 locations around the UK from Southampton to Inverness that same day using our same day courier service.

We made sure they were kept up to date with our progress by liaising with them throughout the day.

By using Nationwide Courier Service, Vauxhall Motors was able to meet an urgent deadline and continue to deliver their excellent customer experience.

Vauxhall said: Nationwide Courier Service was top class and very reasonable. Thank you for all your help – the information provided was very helpful and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Nationwide Courier Service offers art couriering: Your artwork is our speciality

Here at Nationwide Courier Service, we provide the much-needed service of art couriering for galleries and artists in Nottingham and throughout the East Midlands. Not only do we have the best drivers but our vehicles have the right insurance to ensure that your masterpiece, however big, small or delicate gets from A to B in perfect condition.

Being the only courier service in the East Midlands that specialises in art transportation has its advantages. For you, the artist or gallery curator it means you no longer have to rely on expensive couriers who are usually based in London. Our drivers are experienced in handling some of the most obscure and fragile pieces of art, so your valuable work is in good hands!

We work closely with Nottingham Trent University and we were responsible for the safe transportation and delivery of nearly all the artwork for their recent exhibitions celebrating 170 years of art and design at the university.

As you can imagine, the past 170 years at NTU have generated quite a few paintings, sculptures and installations so for the weeks leading up to the exhibitions we were regulars at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham city centre. We covered all aspects of their art transportation, from local pick-ups to long distance and multi-faceted deliveries and more often than not, very fragile and highly valuable artworks and artefacts.

Geoff Litherland, the manager of Bonington Gallery, said: “Nationwide Courier Service have provided us with an excellent service over the past year. Their prompt and courteous driver treat the transportation of valuable artworks as if their lives depended on them!”

Steven is one of those drivers! He is very proud to be the only courier not to cause damage to a particularly delicate piece of work by Sarah Turner. Sarah Turner created a large eco-friendly piece made up of recycled bottles which has been exhibited all over the country. Unfortunately, she was dissatisfied with the courier service she was getting elsewhere because she would have to go along to each gallery to repair the damage caused to her sculpture during transportation.

“I was nervous about taking this piece because I was determined to be the first driver that hadn’t broken this piece of art. I’ve had some weird stuff in the back of my van over the years so I know how to handle peculiar pieces of artwork. Sarah turner was really impressed and I think a little bit shocked when, for the first time ever, her masterpiece arrived in one piece.” Sarah Turner only uses us now to transport her collection.

We are highly recommended by the Bonington Gallery and leading artists in the East Midlands and further afield. Think about us for the next time you have a piece of art you need to get from Paris to the Peak District, because Nationwide Courier Service is on hand.

Green choices with Nationwide Courier Service

We are offering a new environmentally friendly service to counteract the carbon dioxide emissions that are made as a result of our deliveries.

If you opt in to this service we will calculate the emissions made as a result of your delivery and then you will be offered the opportunity to counterbalance this figure by helping to finance the planting of new woodland in the UK.

Who will be planting the trees?

We will be working alongside The Carbon Tree who validates this work under The Woodland Carbon Code. The Code ensures that projects really do capture the CO2 they are claiming to by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by the growing trees.

They have been responsible for planting 40,105 trees in Warner’s Wood in the heart of rural Leicestershire. Covering 32 hectares of land, the woodland will last for a minimum of 100 years and it will absorb 10,674 tonnes of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Tom Riley from The Carbon Tree said: “Nationwide Courier Service may end up financing some, or all, of the creation of our Warner’s Wood or one of our other woodland creation projects that we are developing in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire at the moment.”

How much carbon dioxide does a delivery emit?

We have calculated that the average parcel delivery causes 42kg of carbon dioxide to be released. If we were to finance the planting of the whole of Warner’s Wood in Leicestershire, they will capture enough emissions to counterbalance the footprint of delivering around 250,000 parcels.

The average carbon footprint of a British citizen is 10.9 tonnes of CO2 per year. This means that over the lifetime of the Warner’s Wood project the trees will capture the emissions of about 979 people for one year.

Why are trees important?

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which helps to combat climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions are the main cause of climate change.

According to The Carbon Tree CO2 emissions are at the highest level experienced by the earth for 4.5 million years.

The Forestry Commission says that young forests grow rapidly and soak up carbon more quickly than mature forests, so planting new trees is an ideal way to capture carbon, especially the production of more carbon which of course happens when we drive vehicles with your goods aboard.

What does the government say?

The government has committed to cutting carbon emissions to 50% of what they were in 1990 by 2025. Their initiative is called the Carbon Reduction Commitment which aims to cut emissions in both public and private sector organisations.

What are the other benefits of creating woodland?

There are plenty of other benefits to creating a thriving woodland. For instance it will create a habitat for native wildlife and therefore improving biodiversity in the area. And, of course, it makes for a nice family walk!

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Case Study: Vision Express

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