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Couriers vs Standard Mail

When you have a parcel or an important document that needs sending, you might be wondering whether a courier or the standard postal service will best fit your requirements. Both will get your item there but in different ways. Therefore, one option may be far suited to your needs.

Here is an overview of the hotly debated couriers vs standard mail topic, to help you make an informed choice.

The Pick-Up And Drop Off Process

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If delivering your item was so easy you could do it in person, you’d do so right? But this just isn’t the case for items which are large or bulky, or if you simply lack the time to make the delivery. Yet with the regular postal service, this is exactly what you have to do, at least for the first part of your item’s journey anyway.

As you may be aware, the number of post offices in the UK has severely declined in recent decades. This means you may not live near a post office at all, and even if you do the service isn’t 24/7 which isn’t ideal if you’re at work during the day, and don’t have time to get your item posted.

But with a courier, we’ll come to you and take care of the rest. We’ll tell you when the item is expected to be picked up and delivered, so you’re kept in the loop. Whether your item is urgent or a regular delivery, there’s no such thing as waiting and hoping for the best. Plus if the item is heavy or awkwardly shaped, you don’t have to strain yourself trying to lug it to a post office.

Delivery Time

Couriers vs Standard Mail

Have you ever had the jokey conversation with your family on your birthday, when despite them all posting your card on the same day, they each arrived at various points in the week? This isn’t frustrating, but imagine if the item was an important document your client needed, or a spare part to make your car work?

The postal service does allow you to select between different postage classes, though cannot give a specific guarantee when it will get there. At best, all you get is ‘proof of postage’. Even first-class can’t always guarantee speedy delivery. If the item is being sent abroad, it can take weeks before it reaches the recipient.

Then there are times when the postal system gets overloaded, and every delivery type gets severely delayed. We know our posties try their best whatever the circumstances. But such a large volume of post to get through, your item takes far less priority than if it was in the hands of an independent courier service.


There isn’t much competitive pricing where the post office is concerned, nor do you ever see any special deals. That’s because there isn’t competition like with a courier. So whether you’re a loyal user of the postal service or only use it once a year – there is no flexibility on price, unless you choose a faster or slower delivery time.

As a business especially, the ability to cut costs without losing out on quality matters. Couriers get this better than anyone, seen as they too are a business. Pricing isn’t just competitive but upfront, and often there’s a larger scope for each price bracket depending on weight with a courier.

Whereas if you’re 1 gram over with the postal service, the price dramatically hikes up. This is something that only becomes apparent once you’re at the post office, with a big queue behind you. We know which method favours businesses and everyday customers more.

To Sum Up

There’s no doubt that both the standard mail services and couriers have their advantages, which could make you more likely to choose one over the other. However, when it comes to convenience, competitive pricing and flexibility including same day delivery options, couriers by far tick the most boxes.

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