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How To Achieve Sustainable Packaging For The Future

Climate change is increasingly moving to the forefront of all our minds. Tackling the issues is going to take a broad effort from each of us in the packaging world, whether you happen to own a business or if you are a regular individual posting an item to a friend.

While sending and receiving parcels might not be in the same league as some of the other climate offenders, the reality is every action we take that requires energy and resources needs to be considered to ensure we are all being as least wasteful as possible.

So whether you’re looking to improve your current business energy performance, or simply wanting to do your bit for the environment, here are some top tips to consider where sustainable packaging is considered.

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Recyclable Materials

Ideally, all packaging you use should be easy to recycle. Otherwise, the recipient will have no other choice than to place the item in the bin. Sadly, we’re still seeing far too much plastic being used, as well as materials that just aren’t practical to be recycled. Such materials take hundreds of years to decompose if at all, so now is the time to end this wasteful practice for good.

One example is a well known beauty brand that mails its cosmetics in a bag full of sequins which are made of plastic. While opening the parcel may look dazzling initially, what happens to the sequins after that? Their tiny size makes them impractical to recycle, and so while they may seem small and innocent, the billions (if not trillions) of them that exist around the world will never be repurposed.

Instead, companies and individuals alike need to consider the end life of the packaging they are using. After all, if you have no idea how the material would be recycled, don’t expect your recipient to know either.

Eco-Friendly Product Sourcing

Items such as cardboard and paper are made from trees, and the fewer trees we have on the planet, the less carbon dioxide can be reduced. Many packaging, as well as greetings cards manufacturers, have a sustainability policy in place where their tree consumption is concerned. This means they either use recycled materials, part recycled materials, or replace the trees they need to cut down with new ones.

Sellotape is another thorny issue here since like sequins it’s practically impossible to recycle. However, it’s now possible to purchase Zero Plastic Sellotape which has been made entirely from plants. So instead of taking years to break down in a landfill, it is much easier to biodegrade and best of all… it contains no plastic!

Carbon Neutral Delivery Vehicles

Let’s not forget that how we transport our items also must change in the future too. Diesel vehicles are already being phased out, with electric vehicles set to take over in 2030 onwards. So in the future, sending parcels and even regular mail will take less toll on the environment.

As a UK courier service ourselves, we welcome such measures as they will allow us to do our job without adding more emissions to the planet. For our business clients especially, we know you’ll also welcome every step you can take to lessen your impact on the environment.

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