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The past few years have seen a shopping boom in online grocery shopping and food delivery services. As a result of the pandemic, the percentage of online shoppers greatly increased, with only 5% of these people planning to stop. Online grocery shopping can come in many forms, all of which are now hugely popular for many different reasons. These services are constantly evolving alongside the world of technology, offering customers all they need at the tip of their fingers. During lockdowns and restrictions, online grocery shopping provided customers with a safer, reliable and more convenient way of purchasing their essentials, and this method doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Let’s take a look at the different options for grocery shopping online and the advantages these bring. 

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Click and collect / home delivery services 

Although supermarkets have been actively using their online resources for a good few years, it’s still important to consider how this method has changed and the advantages it brings to customers. Supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose and Asda offer this service, with a clear demand both pre and post pandemic. So what are the benefits of a click and collect / home delivery service? 

  • Helps with budgeting and tracking your spending habits 
  • Meal planning 
  • Convenient to your schedule 
  • Time efficient 
  • You can add products to your basket throughout the week
  • Ideal for large shops / occasions 

There are however, a number of drawbacks which have come with this aspect of grocery shopping. Some disadvantages include : plastic packaging, limited stock, missing out on fresh produce and the overall limit of human interaction. 

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Meal kit delivery services

The global meal kit industry has seen a dramatic increase over the past year or so, offering a solution to customers’ health needs. These services provide a convenient, efficient way of feeding a single or busy household, providing all ingredients needed for a week’s worth of meals. Services such as Gousto or Hellofresh offer customers delivery directly to their door, supplied with instruction manuals, pre measured ingredients, nutritional details, fresh produce and endless benefits.

  • Promotes healthy living / eating 
  • Saves on meal prep time 
  • Reduces food waste 
  • Personalised meal choices 
  • Convenient delivery
  • No commitment 

With so many benefits considered, it’s also important to look at the negative aspects of these meal kit services. One of the main issues with these companies is the amount of plastic packaging used. As these boxes are being shipped and handled, almost everything is tightly packaged and secured. From small amounts of herbs to fresh meat, this is an issue which many have raised. Other drawbacks include limited options for 1 person and the fact that most customers still need to go to the supermarket for cupboard essentials or day time food. 

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Takeaway delivery services

One of the original food delivery services is that of takeaway sites and apps. With a range of options including Justeat, Deliveroo and Ubereats, there has been plenty of improvements over the years. With these apps now supplying restaurant options, snacks and essentials, you can virtually get anything you need for day to day eating. Some of these companies are now also teaming up with local supermarkets in order to offer a new option of home delivery service. Although some delivery apps are more advanced than others, there are still a number of benefits gained from these services. 

  • Online tracking of your order 
  • Convenient 
  • Delivered to any location 
  • Stored correctly
  • Discounts and offers

One of the main issues with takeaway delivery is the health implications associated with it. In the current day, there are now more healthy options available which can offer a balanced diet. On the flip side, ordering takeaway or fast food can reduce the amount of fresh foods that people are consuming, with many people still associated these meals with poor dieting.

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The future of online grocery shopping

Considering all these new developments seen in the world of online shopping, the future of this industry will continue to grow and potentially replace traditional services. With companies such as Amazon investing in their own grocery experience, and Deliveroo partnering with a chain of supermarkets, it won’t be long until all these businesses are interlinked. The issues raised about sustainability is also something to consider. As this is now a key aspect in most business strategies, improvements regarding the environment will shape the way companies move forward. 

Food and beverage courier services 

Nationwide Courier Services understand the need of providing a specified delivery service for food and beverage produce. This service covers aspects such as fast transport, packaging, temperature control and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

Offering a range of vehicles which are equipped with refrigerated systems, you can count on us to deliver all food and drinks quickly, safely and securely. We also specialise in same-day delivery and scheduled delivery in order to meet any specific requests. 

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